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Fragrance Descriptions

All of our products can have fragrance oils added to them to give you that summer scent, with the exception of our Goat's Milk and Goat's Lotions,  Avocado Butter and Walnut Body Scrub.
Listed are ones that we recommend for our butters, scrubs, salts, and shower gels!  These descriptoins will give you a better idea of what to expect as they smell as good as they feel! Enjoy! Any of our products can be unscented as well.

At The Beach--The smell of warm sand, salty air & sweet caribbean coconut, it's fruity & tropical, it's beach in a bottle 
Caribbean--Tropical blend of coconut, pineapple, and vanilla
Cashmere--You're in the comfort of warm cashmere with scents of vanilla & soft woods 
Citrus Pomegranate--Bursting with fresh cut citrus, tart & fruity, inherently uplifting pomegranate scent
Coconut Coast--Creamy coconut enhanced by fresh fruit and island air
Hawaiian Suntan--Fruity paradise with  notes of coconut, guava, melon, grapefruit, banana & pineapple, it's smells like suntan in a bottle
Lemon Sugar--Tart & invigorating lemon with a warm sugar note of vanilla
Love and Sunshine--Scents of blooming daisies & honeysuckle with a citrus splash
Pink Beaches--An exotic fragrance of tropical fruits, jasmine, vanilla, musk, melons and citrus
Pineapple Mango--A tropical blend of pineapple & mango with a hint of vanilla
Pink Sugar--Flirtatious, playful, sweet pink and fruity, a collection of lemon drops and raspberry
Ruby Red Grapefruit--Tart, bold & sweet, just like the grapefruit..a real gem of a scent
Strawberries and Champagne--Champagne with sweet strawberries and citrus
Summer Bliss--Ripe and sweet, a hint of sugared berries and citrus, a summer favorite
Tahiti--A soft island breeze, light scent of Tahiti monoi blossoms
Vanilla Lace and Pearls--Blend of french vanilla, sweet flowers, and musk
Vitamin Sea--A fresh ocean air scent with invigorating citrus, a favorite